Theme from scratch.

How to create a New theme

Simple stuff, lot of folks have covered the topic from top to bottom. Even WordPress has a pretty good example of how to execute a new theme. Regardless of all the others, I progress in the name of personal documentation. Most of these steps will be using the command line.

First steps.
from root:
• cd wp-content/themes/
• mkdir {theme folder} and cd into the folder
• vi style.css and paste the following

/* Theme Name: {Theme Name} Description: Child Theme or New Theme Author: Rebel Kline Author URI: Template: twentyfifteen Version: 1.0.0 License: GNU General Public License v2 or later License URI: Tags: light, dark, two-columns, right-sidebar, responsive-layout, accessibility-ready Text Domain: twentyfifteenchild */

• Be sure and activate the theme from the admin panel of wordpress. (Appearance > Theme)